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H.O.M.E. , the feature film debut by Daniel Maldonado has recently added talented thespian, Carlo Alban , link to its already amazingly talented & award winning cast. In addition, the writer/director/producer will be speaking about the upcoming film in an interview for NALIP's Prime Latino Media salon that will be broadcast on Manhattan Cable. .


Thanks to HOLA & National Association of Latino Independent Producers- NY for putting together the national conference kick off event in which the trailer for the feature film, H.O.M.E., received the audience vote for best amongst several other promising projects. We'd also like to congratulate our very own talented, Jeremy Ray Valdez for being nominated for another IMAGEN AWARD for his work on the film, DREAMER and welcome two time Mexican Academy Award winning actor, Jesus Ochoa, link) to the cast.

Here's the official link to the film's website link


Here's the official press release for H.O.M.E., which includes more information on the cast & team involved, link

If you'd like to watch the award winning short film LALO which is now being showcased on Vimeo click here. link

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About Gashouse Films-

Founded in 1995, Gashouse Films is a multiple award-winning independent motion picture production company based in New York City, making thoughtful, inventive works across a wide array of genres.

Gashouse Films aims to make engaging films for a global audience, with an emphasis on the Hispanic and multi cultural communities of New York City.

While successfully employing new hybrid techniques, director Daniel Maldonado focuses on creating engaging films from the experimental to the narrative, employing the company’s mandate to “make the invisible, visible”.