Lalo tells the hilarious hyper-real story of a NYC Mexican delivery worker, who upon discovering he’s jeopardized his employment, learns that he’s been given one last food delivery to salvage his job.

Faced with a suddenly destroyed bicycle, Lalo is forced to make the desperate decision to steal the “little pink” bike from a nearby 10 yr old Caucasian girl, furious with her hysterical Haitian nanny.

With the victims in hot pursuit, Lalo encounters a Chinese delivery guy (Doua Moua of GRAN TORINO) and a hip & pimped out Punk Rock Messenger (Billy Magnussen of HAPPY TEARS). What ensues is a “race to the death” complete with animated soldiers,mariachis, fortune cookie road spikes and border patrolled finish lines-- along with a mission to save his job with one last delivery, despite the many surprises along his path
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